What we’ve written

What we’ve written

July 11 & 12,  2018
Project Management Institute – San Diego Annual Conference
Beyond the math: Using a project management framework to improve the performance of data analytics initiatives
By John Wood

July 5, 2018
Managed Health Care Connect
Acquisitions: Payers Gobble Up Provider Networks
By Paul Nicolaus (featuring Thom Walsh)

July 5, 2018
Balancing Systems Engineering Rigor with Agile Software Development Flexibility
By Glenn Tolentino and John Wood 

July 2017
Maximize Benefits, Minimize Risk Through Clinically Integrated Networks
By John Wood and Alexe Page

July 2017
Patient-Reported Outcome Measures for Research, Reimbursement, and Point of Care
By Thom Walsh

June 2017
Cardinal Point
Mining Healthcare Variations for Gold
By John Wood and Thom Walsh

May 2017
California Orthopedic Association Annual Meeting
Clinically Integrated Networks: A source of good and bad opportunities
By John Wood

May 2017
California Orthopedic Association Annual Meeting
Patient-Reported Outcome Measures For Research, Reimbursement and at the Point of Service
By Thom Walsh

May 2017
Becker’s Spine Review
Artificial intelligence in healthcare: 10 leaders describe the future
By Laura Dyrda (featuring John Wood)

May 2017
Managed Health Care Connect
Oncology clinical trials: A win-win for payers
By Paul Nicolaus (featuring Thom Walsh)

April 2017
Navigating to Value in Healthcare
By Thom Walsh

January/February 2017
Journal of Healthcare Management
Perceived ethics conflicts in Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations
By Craig Westling, Thom Walsh and William Nelson

June 2016
San Diego INCOSE Chapter Newsletter
Resisting the Urge to “Optimize” Healthcare Delivery
By John Wood

April 2016
1st Annual INCOSE West Regional Mini-Conference
A Systems Approach to Predicting Healthcare Failures
By Melody Schiaffino, Atsushi Nara, John Wood and Thom Walsh

November 2015
20th Annual INCOSE Region II Mini-Conference
Health Care Delivery Architecture Framework
By John Wood and Thom Walsh

April 2015
JAMA Internal Medicine
Patient preferences and end-of-life care: A teachable moment
By Wade Harrison, John Dick and Thom Walsh

November 2014
19th Annual INCOSE Region II Mini-Conference
Responsible engineering in healthcare
By John Wood and Thom Walsh

November 2014
Patient Education and Counseling
Collaborative deliberation: A model for patient care
By Glyn Elwyn, Amy Lloyd, Carl May, Trudy van der Weijden, Anne Stiggelbout, Adrian Edwards, Dominick L. Frosch, Tim Rapley, Paul Barr, Thom Walsh, Stuart W. Grande, Victor Montori and Ronald Epstein

November 2014
Incentivizing shared decision making in the USA – Where are we now?
By Marie-Anne Durand, Paul Barr, Thom Walsh and Glyn Elwyn

September 2014
San Diego INCOSE Chapter meeting
Dissecting the PCAST Report – Better Health Care and Lower Costs: Accelerating Improvement through Systems Engineering
By John Wood

July 2014
The Bare Truth About Hospitals and Why It’s Time For A Revolution
By Jeff Boss (featuring Thom Walsh)

July/August 2014
The Healthcare Executive
Ensuring Patient-Centered Care
By William Nelson and Thom Walsh

April/June 2014
The Health Care Manager
Building an ethical organizational culture
By William Nelson, Emily Taylor and Thom Walsh

March 2014
Journal of Hospital Administration
Variation in length of stay within and between hospitals
By Thom Walsh, Tracy Onega and Todd Mackenzie

January 2014
Undetermined impact of patient decision support interventions on healthcare costs and savings: systematic review
By Thom Walsh, Paul Barr, Rachel Thompson, Elissa Ozanne, Ciaran O’Neill and Glyn Elwyn

November 2013
Journal of Medical Internet Research
The psychometric properties of CollaboRATE. A fast and frugal patient reported measure of shared decision-making process
By Paul Barr, Rachel Thompson, Thom Walsh, Stuart Grande, Elissa Ozanne and
Glyn Elwyn

November 2013
18th Annual INCOSE Region II Mini-Conference
Pitting Systems Engineers against the US Health Care Cost Problem
By John Wood

Autumn 2014
Systems Engineering
A Framework for Capturing the Hidden Stakeholder System
By John Wood, Shahram Sarkani, Thomas Mazzuchi and Timothy Eveleigh

October 2013
New America
Productivity and the Health Care Workforce
By Joe Colucci, Thom Walsh and Shannon Brownlee

October 2013
Patient Education & Counseling
Developing CollaboRATE. A fast and frugal measure of shared decision making in clinical encounters
By Glyn Elwn, Paul Barr, Stuart Grande, Rachel Thompson, Thom Walsh and Elissa. Ozanne

March 2013
San Diego INCOSE Chapter meeting
Advancing the Operational Readiness of the V-22 Osprey Fleet via Cloud-Based Analytics
By John Wood

March 2013
Option Grid
Spinal stenosis: treatment options
By Thom Walsh, Benjamin Dropkin, Sohail Mirza, Michael Lewis and Glyn Elwyn

March 2013
Option Grid
Sciatica from slipped disc: treatment options
By Thom Walsh, Benjamin Dropkin, Michael Lewis, Peter Collins and Glyn Elwyn

March 2013
Option Grid
Hip osteoarthritis: treatment options
By Glyn Elwyn, Michael Lewis, Thom Walsh, Karl Koenig and Benjamin Dropkin

December 2012
The Atlantic
What ‘Health Care Costs’ Really Means
By Shannon Brownlee, Joe Colucci and Thom Walsh

September 2012
San Diego INCOSE Chapter meeting
A Framework for Capturing the Hidden Stakeholder System
By John Wood

August 2012
A Framework for Capturing the Hidden Stakeholder System
By John Wood

October 2011
14th Annual NDIA Systems Engineering Conference
Stakeholder Interrelations: A Fit-For-Purpose DoDAF View
By John Wood

December 2011
Lumbar Disc Herniation in the Spine Patient Outcomes Research Trial: Does Educational Attainment Impact Outcome?
By Patrick Olson, Jon Lurie, John Frymoyer, Thom Walsh, Wenyan Zhao, Tamara Morgan, William Abdu and James Weinstein

May/June 2006
The Spine Journal
Screening for depressive symptoms in patients with chronic spinal pain using the SF-36 Health Survey
By Thom Walsh, Karen Homa, Brett Hanscom, Jon Lurie, Maria Sepulveda and William Abdu

March 2005
The Rate and Variation of Referrals to Behavioral Medicine Services for Patients Reporting Poor Mental Health in the National Spine Network
By Thom Walsh, Brett Hanscom, Jon Lurie and William Abdu

March 2003
Is a Condition-Specific Instrument for Patients with Low Back Pain/Leg Symptoms Really Necessary?
By Thom Walsh, Brett Hanscom, Jon Lurie, James Weinstein

Autumn 2002
The Journal of Manual and Manipulative Therapy
Reliability of detecting a relevant lateral shift in patients with lumbar derangement: A pilot study
By Ron Seymour, Thom Walsh, Chris Blankenberg, Anthony Pickens and Heath Rush

April 2001
Spine Point of View: Centralization as a predictor of chronic pain
By Thom Walsh

November 2000
Spine Point of View: The Oswestry Disability
By Thom Walsh

Winter 2000
Quality Management in Health Care
Designing an ambulatory clinical practice for outcomes improvement: from vision to reality
By James Weinstein, Pamela Brown, Brett Hanscom, Thom Walsh, Eugene Nelson,

June 2000
Proceedings of the Annual Symposium on Wireless Personal Communications
Wireless Marine Propagation Measurement
By Thad Welch, John Wood and Robert McFarlin

May 2000
Vehicular Technology Conference Proceedings
Very Near Ground RF Propagation Measurements for Wireless Systems
By Thad Welch, John Wood, Robert McFarlin, Logan Schulze, Tom Flaherty, Seth Carlone-Hanson, Ralph Cahill and Ray Foran