Cardinal Point Proposes to Systematically Improve VA Healthcare

(BW/NEWS) Cardinal Point Proposes to Systematically Improve VA Healthcare
Marine veteran submits 14-step ‘Mining Healthcare Variations for Gold’ CQI methodology in response to White House request

VISTA, Calif.—June 13, 2017—Responding to a rare White House request for assistance, Cardinal Point Healthcare Solutions provided input to the forthcoming “Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch.” Cardinal Point identified how the Veterans Health Administration can improve veteran healthcare outcomes through a methodology that leverages healthcare variation data in a way that drives continuous quality improvement, while reducing risk, in multi-site organizations. Cardinal Point’s CQI plan is built around the counterintuitive concept that organizations can affect enterprise-wide improvement by mining variations for gold.

“As a veteran-owned small business, we believed it was imperative to share a methodology that has the power to improve veteran care nationwide,” said Cardinal Point CEO and co-founder John Wood, PhD. “Our proposed methodology is based on a unique blend of clinical epidemiology and systems engineering.”

“Applied clinical epidemiology allows us to identify pockets of outstanding care,” explained Thom Walsh, PhD, the company’s chief strategy officer and co-founder. “Systems engineering principles enable us to replicate those successful methods across all locations in a long-term and sustainable manner.”

“Our rapidly aging and ailing veteran population desperately needs more efficient, more effective care,” added Wood, a veteran who led US Marines during Operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. “This is personal.”

Click on “Mining Variations for Gold to Improve Veteran Healthcare” to access Cardinal Point’s 14-step methodology.

About Cardinal Point

Cardinal Point Healthcare Solutions, a veteran-owned small business based in southern California, helps providers and payers nationwide successfully navigate healthcare’s current complexity and chaos. Nationally recognized experts help clients design and implement processes that leverage multi-source data to propel strategic initiatives to success in a manner that precludes data overload and staff burnout.

About Wood

Systems engineering expert John Wood, PhD, spent his career working in fields where perfection is the only viable option. After more than 20 years in military service, civilian sector innovation and academia—managing high-profile teams and programs in healthcare, aviation, military communications, nuclear weapon infrastructure and more—he now directs teams of experts who help healthcare clients drive continual improvement in performance and risk reduction using lessons learned in mission-critical arenas.

About Walsh

Healthcare innovator Thom Walsh, PhD, has spent 25 years as a clinician, researcher, administrator, author, educator and strategic consultant. His work on variations in healthcare costs and utilization, and other topics, has appeared in numerous scientific publications and the popular press. Navigating to Greater Value in Healthcare, his new book published by the Medical Group Management Association, helps organizations transition to value-based models of care by identifying and focusing on the aspects of care that matter most to patients.