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Cardinal Point Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare leaders today operate in a world filled with chaos, complexity and near-constant change. Take, for example, the dizzying array of policy changes put forth by CMS combined with the uncertainty surrounding key aspects of the Affordable Care Act.  Healthcare organizations cannot afford to stop and wait for the fog to clear. They must adjust and move forward to stay viable and profitable.

When traversing unknown terrain, it’s essential to have a compass. Now, using Cardinal Point’s proprietary CP4 Compass™ methodology, our team of industry experts help healthcare executives and their teams focus on stable fundamentals that persist regardless of what external forces are in play.

After examining an organization from each of the cardinal points of healthcare, our team develops a tailored roadmap that takes into account the countless lessons and best practices learned through decades of hands-on experience in leading transformational change initiatives. Next, we identify key measures and develop targeted data analytics to ensure we stay on course.

Leveraging techniques developed at Dartmouth, we work with all stakeholders to develop a shared language and common understanding of the vision, goals and path forward—then together we execute the plan and work our way to success.

But success means more than just creating a roadmap, ensuring the plan is executed and helping clients achieve near-term goals. We don’t consider our work a success until our clients can successfully manage external change, implement internal change, and approach future challenges with skill and confidence.

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